1 and 2
(n) Turntables. "DJ behind the 1 and 2".
1-2 checker
1) (n) Checking the MIC.
2) (n) Checking the scene.
(n) See Mac 10. "Had my ten in my hand" -- Coolio (Gangsta's paradise [1995]).
(n) See 5%. "Ten percent took a loss" -- Boots of The Coup.
(n) The big "urban format" station in Chicago, Illinois. 107.5 WGCI, home of the nationally-syndicated "Tom Joyner Morning Show," a focal point for activism and unity in the black community.
1) (n) The Technics SL 1200 is regarded as the best turntable for DJ'ing. The reason for this is its very, very high torque. If you hit the start/stop button, the platter will reach top speed within a 1/4th revolution. Not many turntables can match that. "My DJ you know 1200's he's using, I don't!" -- Schoolly D. (I don't like rock 'n roll [??])
2) (n) SP-1200 sampler, a top of the line product.
(n) The year the first slaveships arrived in America. "Sayin' 1555 how I'm livin'" -- Public Enemy (Can't truss it [??]).
(n) Police term for a murder or homicide. To be on the lookout for someone who is trying to kill you.
(n) Californian penal code number for homicide. The police in California uses the penal code numbers as shorthand on the radio. Eg. in Oregon the code for homicide is "163.005", different from California. "Try to set me up for a 211, fuck around and get caught up in a 187" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]).
2 to 4
(n) The duration of a imprisonement sentence, two to four years in jail. "Hit with a 2 to 4 is difficult" -- Mobb Deep (Survival of the fittest [1995]).
1) (n) See twenty sack. "I'm an addict for sneakers, 20's of buddah and bitches with beepers" -- NAS (New York state of mind [1994]).
2) (n) 20-inch rims on car wheels. "Twenties, TVs, leather and wood" -- Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with me [2000]).
21 & Lewis
(n) Streetcorner in Long Beach, California. "I hung a left at two-one and Lewis" -- Warren G. (Regulate [1994]).
21 Cerritos
(n) Long Beach crip set. The Dogg Pound and Warren G have rumored association with them. "But you don't really know about, you know, the Cerritos silly ho" -- Daz (Who gotz some gangsta shit [1994]).
(n) Police code for armed robbery. "Try to set me up for a 211, fuck around and get caught up in a 187" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]).
(n) A New York area code.
1) (n) The name of a group with Snoop, Nate Dogg and Warren G. This group was separated when they all got big. "Way back then 213 was the clique" -- Warren G (Do you see [1994]).
2) (n) Also, 213 was the area code for Long Beach before it got 310, which now is the area code for a large portion of southern California, including Compton. Inglewood is 213 nowadays.
3) (n) 213 was named after a car (not a motor vehicle but an alliance of inmates in a prison). See Ice-T's book "Who gives a Fuck?" for reference. There are other cars as well but most West coast and/or Death Row rappers claim to be affiliated with the 213 car (not to be confused with the set somebody claims)
(n) 22 caliber gun. "Twentytwo automatic on my person" -- Beastie Boys (Posse in Effect [1986])
(n) Police code for drugs.
24/7, 24/7/365
(n) All the time, from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
25 with an L
(n) 25 years to life sentence. "25 with an izL" -- Snoop Doggy Dog (Murder was the case [1993]).
(n) A firearm of .30 calibre.
(n) The area code for Long Beach.
(n) 313 is the phone area code for Detroit, Michigan, home of Eminem. "And these brothers representing the 313" - Eminem (Infinite LP [1996])
(n) A .357 Magnum pistol. ".357 break it on down" -- LL Cool J. (.357 Break it on down [1987]).
36 chambers
1) (n) The 36 chambers a warrior has to go through to become a Shaolin. Every chambers has a special task the warrior has to complete in order to be able to continue to the next chamber. The RZA said in an interview with Billboard Magazine that there are nine members in the Clan, and each member has four chambers in his heart, which makes 9x4 = 36 chambers.
2) (n) There are 36 'death-points' on the body, each seperated from the other at 10 degree intervals, where the trained Wu expert can cause death at a single blow.
1) (n) 38 caliber pistol.
2) (n) "38 hot" means very angry.
(n) A .380 calibre handgun. "Unpacked and I grabbed my three eighty cause where we stayin', niggaz look shady" -- Ice Cube (Summer Vacation [1991]).
4 pound
(n) 45 caliber (1 caliber = 1/100th inch) gun.
(n) See celo. See the song "456" by Kool G Rap.
(n) The numbers represent letters of the alphabet; 4 is D, 9 is I, and so on. These numbers spell "dick". I be comin' through like the 4-9-3-11 tearing up the power-U" -- Method Man (Meth vs Chef [1994]).
1) (n) A 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. "Use to drink every day, straight 40's to the head" -- Ice-T. (Ed [1991]).
2) (n) A 40 caliber gun "With my 40 and my 40 to the fucking dome".
(n) Information, from the US phone number for information.
(n) The time to smoke some marijuana.
5 0
1) (n) A police officer, from the series Hawaii Five-O. The word is used mainly in East LA. "Five-O said 'freeze', and I got numb" -- Public Enemy (Bring the Noise).
2) (n) A 5.0 liter Ford Mustang, which is used as a police vehicle in some areas.
5 on it
(n) Five dollars on a sac of marijuana. "I got five on it" -- The Luniz (I got five on it [1995]).
5% Nation
(n) A group which started as an offshoot of the NoI. They teach that any large group of people, and more specifically, the African American nation, can be divided into three groups, the 85% = basically the ignorant masses which need to be led, the 5% = the people with true knowledge of self whose job it is to lead the masses and fight against the 10%, the 10% = people who have partial knowledge of self and use it to gain power and wealth by exploiting the 85, also referred to as "bloodsuckers of the poor". The chosen percentages are what they feel that the percentages are within the black community. These numbers are neither universal (all though these groups do exist within any large group) nor unchangeable. "That'll be the day the five percent eat swine" -- Dred Scott (Breakin' combs [1994]).
(adj) Nickel plated.
(interj) A farewell bidding, from "I'm outta here", which evolved to "I'm Audi", and to 5000" after the Audi 5000 car, which got recalled and is a rare sight nowadays. "Yo, we outta here, 5000, G!" -- Ice Cube and Flavor Flav (I'm only out for one thang [1990]).
(n) 25 years ago, California had a vehicle code 502 for drunk driving. The current code is 23152(a) vc. "Fuck the police and a 502" -- N.W.A. (8-ball [??]).
(n) New Orleans area code.
(n) 5150 is the section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code dealing with involuntary confinement of a mentally disordered person. (I.e. California law consists of 29 codes, of which the Welfare and Institutions Code is one, and 5150 is a section number in that code.) Also the name of an old Van Halen album. It is also a track on Da Luniz' album "Operation Stackola".
1) (n) A 64-ounce bottle of malt liquor. "40's are no more because now I'm drinkin' 64s" -- Grand Puba (Three Men at Chung King)
2) (n) A 1964 Chevrolet Impala. "Jumped in the 64 with the diamond in the back, sunroof top" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta, gangsta [1988]).
1) (n) All-night convenience store, which was originally open from 7am to 11pm when other stores were closed. "He always has me open like a 7-11" -- Salt 'n Pepa (What a man [??]).
2) (n) From the dice game called craps, rolling a 7 and then 11 wins. "Shake em up, shake em, rollin with a couple of homies and watch me break em with a seven, seven-eleven" -- Ice Cube (Today was a good day [1993]).
1) (n) Old English 800, a popular beer in the hood.
2) (n) An eightball is literally, in drug terms, an eight of an ounce. There are twenty-eight grams in an ounce, and hence, three and one half grams in an eightball. In places where an eightball is less than three and a half grams, the laws of supply and demand have constricted the quantity in favor of a popular price.
3) (n) On to it. Ie: "on the 8-ball", up with the play.
4) (n) The 8-ball is the last ball to pot in the billiards game of pool. If you accidentally pot it before the end of the game, you lose. So, the 8-ball also represents chance.
1) (n) The bassdrum from a Roland TR-808 drum machine, which is now a popular sample.
2) (n) The penal code for disturbing the peace. Refers to the sound of bass from stereos.
(n) See 5%. "Why? That's most asked by 85" -- Ladybug of Digable Planets (???).
(v) To kill a plan or action. In the restaurant lingo it means that you want to cancel an order already placed with the kitchen or on the bill. "86 that spinach salad!".
9 to 5
(n) A job where you work from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. "While your were at your job working nine to five, the Beastie Boys were at the garden cold kickin' it live!" -- Beastie Boys (No sleep till Brooklyn [1986]).
9, 9mm
(n) 9 mm gun. "My nine is easy to load" -- L.L. Cool J. (Mama said knock you out [1990])
(n) The US phone number for emergencies. "Now I dialed 911 a long time ago" -- Public Enemy (911 is a joke).
(n) New York City area code where all the cellular phones and pagers are on.
(n) The Akai S-950, a widely used rackmount sampler. A nice piece of equipment that allowed the producer to "stretch" the sound wave so that the sample could be sped up or slowed down without changing the pitch. It was made popular by the Bomb Squad who used them to stack samples thus giving their tracks the dope sound. From the Alkaholiks (The next level [1994]).
(n) HOT 97, A CHR-turned-hip hop station in New York.
98 Oldsmobile
(n) A make of Oldsmobile, usually considered to be their best make of car, year after year. A real status symbol. "My 98 is tough to chase" -- Public Enemy (You gonna get yours [1987]).
(n) WRKS KISS FM, a NYC radio station that helped bring hip-hop to the radio.

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