(v) Going to. "I'm a do it like this"
A-1 Yola
Top notch cocaine.
leader of the swedish hiphop-collective Najran Qaideenz. He's twentytwo years old and has had beef with many members of the Jihaad Mujahidinz.
(n) 50th blood gang. A dangerous Blood gang from edmonton, alberta, canadathey were a branch off of 32 bloodset usally beefed with cvc a crip gang from clarview small membership but many allies with gangs across the city
All on yo bitch or all on a bitch.
Acapulco Red
Mexican Marijuana.
(n) Refers to Artist and Repetoir execs in record companies they are hooked up with an artist to help to find new artists and put out an image for them. artists albums. "First of all, who's your A&R, a mountain climber who plays an electric guitar?" -- Wu Tang Clan (Protect ya neck [1994]).
(n) Atlanta
(n) The Acura Legend, a brand car. "With the Mac in the Ac door panelin'" -- Notorious BIG (Unbelievable [1994]).
(n) Synthetic drug, usually LSD. "I do acid, crack, smack and smokin' dope then" -- Eminem (Just Don't Give A Fuck [1998])
Adam One
Popos code for the area of South Side San Jose which has the highest drug rate in the city
Adanac Drive
A Metro housing project located on Adanac Drive in the McCowan Road and Eglinton Ave. East section of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
(n) Addicted (to drugs). Gimme' more weed, nigger, I'm A.D.C'd"
1) (n) Hairstyle like the Jackson Five had, much hair and round like a ball.
2) (n) Person with an afro. "Afro picks afro chicks, I let my soul glow from my afro dick" -- Ludacris (Southern Hospitality [2000])
African Woodbine
(n) Ahead. Snoop Dogg often inserts "izz" or "izzle" in the words he uses, for example "hizzouse" for house, "bizzatch" for biatch. "Cheat on your man ma, that's how you get ahizzead" -- Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams (Drop it Like it's Hot) [1]
The borough is located in the northern part of Montreal along the banks of the Rivière des Prairies, including some islands in the river such as Île aux Chats, Île Perry, and Île de la Visitation. It is bounded to the east by Montreal North, to the southeast by Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, to the southwest by Saint-Laurent, and to the west by Pierrefonds-Roxboro.
It is derived from the use of Pig-Latin, a form of distorting language.
A contraction of "all right"
(n) Assault rifle of Russian origin, nowadays produced in China. The letters stand for "avtomat Kalashnikova", an automatic assault rifle invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov, who invented the gun in 1947. "My AK-47 is the tool" -- Da Lench Mob (Freedom got an AK [1993]) (originally from NWA (Straight out of Compton)).
AK Kannan
During mid to late 90's, this gang had a bloody battle with its rivals, the VVT, over territorial rights in the brown heroin trade. The ruthless battles were carried out in the streets of Toronto. Most notabily, the two assasination attempts on the leader of the AK Kannan; once on the DVP offramp and the other near his home in the Brimley and Lawrence area. Even though the vehicles were riddled with bullets, remarkably, he survived both attempts. Jothiravi Sittampalam, alleged leader of the AK Kannan and a sworn enemy of the Libiration Tigers of Tamil Eelam(aka. Tamil Tigers), was jailed for frauds and narcotic trafficking and still is incarcerated awaiting deportation for his gang affiliations. Police claim the 31-year-old started the AK Kannan gang in 1992 after arriving in Canada from Sri Lanka. His street name is "Kannan," meaning god, and his favorite weapon of choice was the AK-47, which gave the gang its name. In the fall of 2001, the Toronto police conducted Project 1050 to outlaw the outfits, thus resulting in arrest and deportation of its top members. Without having an active leader in place and the constant harrassment from the police/rcmp/immigration the other older members have moved on with their lives.
Today, the gangs' name is represented by several sub groups such us the "Ruff Riderz", "Silverspring Boyz" etc
Al B Square Mall
(n) Albee Square Mall in Brooklyn - Bizmarkie
Alex Park
A dangerous Blood turf in Toronto / Old Toronto, Ontario. See Alexandra Park.
(n) French beverage made from passion fruit and cognac.
All Cripts Gang
Operating out of the Scarlettwood Court (aka Scarlettville} area in Etobicoke, this gang is said to be alligned with other small Crip sets from SanPetroway, "Brownbricks" and "Ghostown".
All gravity
All good.
All gravy
All good.
All raw
Clean, bustin, off tha hook.
All that
(adj) in possession of all good qualities.
Allahin Belasi
(n) Turkish swearword and outh with the meaning "fuck!", "hell!" or "damn!"
Allenbury Gardens aka A.B.G. is located by DonMills/Sheppard, across the street from the Fairview Mall in North York. Famous musicians that came out of Allenbury includes reggae artists Snow and up-and-coming rapper Alias Don Million. No stranger to violence and heavy police present, Allenbury remains a tight knit community with strong family values. Allenbury or ABG, makes up one section of the turf known as 4 Corners.
(n) Make of car stereo from a Germany-based company (http://www.alpine.de/). From the name of the manufacturers of the top in-car speaker systems. "Sit back and let the Alpine blast" -- Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (Summertime [1991]).
(n) The morning, as in A.M. "Steppin' to the am" -- 3rd Bass (The cactus album [1989]).
(n) Italian bit-size cookies that often come with meals. "eatin' better amarrettos" -- Raekwon (Investigative Reports [??]).
A sister see Aniki
A borough (arrondissement) of the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It consists of the former city of Anjou.
Archie Bunker
Bammer weed.
Around the way
(n) From the neighbourhood. "From around the way" -- Beastie Boys (No sleep till Brooklyn [1986]).
A section of public housing located at the corner of Ardwick Blvd and Finch Ave. (just east of Islington Ave.) in North York, Toronto, Canada with a long history of gang violence. It is notoriously known as territory of the Bloods and the origins of the Ardwick Blood Crew or ABC.
Ardwick Blood Crew
Operating out of a public housing complex located on Ardwick blvd and Finch ave. West (just east of Islington Ave.) in North York, this gang was reveared on the streets as one the most violent gangs in Toronto and is believed to be heavily armed. The Ardwick Blood Crew was formed roughly in the early 90's and has ruled the drug trade around the Islington Ave. and Finch Ave. West section for some time. However, they were served a crippling blow as a joint police operation dubbed "Project Flicker" netted 34 hardcore members resulting in 197 arrests in total and laid 630 charges -- 169 of them gun-related. Their main rivals were all Rexdale Crips sets, in particular, the Doomstown Crips.
Armadda Regime
The Armadda Regime is a young underground rap group/street movement out of Lakewood, Washington aka "Armaddaville". The group is known for their lyrical skills and variety of styles. Members of the Armadda Regime include Ellemaj "The Ripper", Biggunz, Doc Philly, D-Beatz, Ace Boogie, B.Widdle, A.C, Flip, Mercy Rule,and many other affiliates.
The nickname given to the city of Lakewood,Washington because of the Armadda Regime movement that started in the area.
"This is a warnin' the movements real, we boutta turn Lakewood into Armaddaville..." Ellemaj-(Armadda Clikk)
Around The Way
(n) a term used to refer to your neighborbood or a spot where u chill..
"From around the way" -- Beastie Boys (No sleep till Brooklyn [1986]).
Example: "Around The Way Girl," LL Cool J song refering to girls from the hood.
As Fuck
(a) a term used in the place of the word "very." Example: "You are crazy as fuck" means you are very crazy. (also used: "as a muthafuka," "as shit," "as hell," or "as a bitch,") term can mean "a lot". Ex:"I was drunk as fuck last night when I banged monica."
Asian Assassinz
A young oriental street gang based out of the Vanauley Walk/chinatown area in downtown Toronto, Canada. This gang is used as a puppet gang for the more organized Tri-ads and are mainly involved in street level drug trafficing, muggings and auto theft. They share the Alexandra Park area with the more established street gang known as the Project Originals.
Atabeg Zengui
a famous swedish rapartist, known for his participation on Jihaad Mujahidinz' latest album, called "Ijtihad". He's had beefs with for example Timbuktu, J-Ro, Petter and the members of Fattaru. Zengui is twentyone years old and his real name is Daniel. He's a good friend of Falsafah.
Atkinson Co-op
A dangerous Blood turf in Toronto / Old Toronto, Ontario. See Alexandra Park.
(n) The city of Atlanta, Georgia. "That's ATL for you, New York's no different" -- Ja Rule (ATL Tales/Ride Wit Me
Austin, Texas
Averroes Records
a company from southern Sweden, cooperating with Feedback Records, Joia and Nero. They release albums from Cirez D, Jihaad Mujahidinz, Sheridan, Outfunk and Axwell among others.
(v) Ask. "Gave her ten dollars, then she axed me for some more" -- Schoolly D. (P.S.K. (what does it mean?) [??]).
ay yo trip
(interj) Phrase to seek attention, compare "Check this out".

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