(n) Cleveland, Ohio.
1) (n) See cock block.
2) (n) Cell block.
3) (n) Trucker radio.
(n) Money. Acronym for Cash Rules Everything Around Me. From the Wu-Tang Clan (36 chambers [1993]).
(n) Project in the New Orleans UPT (uptown New Orleans).
1) (n) Bullet. "I'm a pop a cap in him" -- Jules in the movie "Pulp Fiction"
2) (n) Cranium, top of the skull. "Blood's on my gear, from caps I've peeled" -- Ice-T. (Mic contract [1991]).
3) (n) Crack.
(interj) "I'm Casper", I'm out of here, I'm ghost. From the Casper the ghost cartoon.
1) (n) Vagina. "Sprung on the Cat" -- Sir Mixalot (Sprung on the cat [1992]). 2) (n) Person. Used in the 70s. "You cant take the jungle out of the cat" -- Jeru Tha Damaja (Frustrated Nigger [1995]).
2) (adv) When someone is being a pussy about something. "Why don't you ask the girl out and stop being so cat?"
catch the vapors
(v) To be caught up someone else's popularity, hype or glamour and to want the same things this person has.
1) (v) To stare at a woman/man with sexual intentions.
2) (n) A stud with many women.
cave bitch
(n) Female version of "cave boy". Ice Cube (Cave bitch [1993]).
cave boy
(n) A white person. Derived from the theory that early white man lived in caves.
(n) A dice game also called "4-5-6", because you need to roll 4-5-6 to win in this game. "Like shootin' Celo, and always hittin' head cracks" -- A Tribe Called Quest (Low end theory [??]).
(n) You. "I'm comin' to getcha" -- Ice Cube (I'm gonna wetcha [1993])
1) (n) See marijuana. Company inscriptions on pharmaceutical drugs read "ciba", pronounced "cheeba".
2) (n) Black, sticky, gooey Brazilian marijuana often sold in pounds. "Some call it cheeba, some call it weed" -- Schoolly D. (Saturday night [??]).
(n) money; material wealth. "Big pimpin' spendin' cheese" -- Jay Z (Big Pimpin')
1) (n) Any dumb person (usually refers to women unfortunately) who clucks (speaks) alot, and walks around aimlessly or without purpose (like a chicken with its head cut off). "Give me all the chickenheads from Pasadena to Medina, let B.I.G. get in between ya" - Total featuring the B.I.G. (Can't you see [1995]).
2) (n) A derrogatory term used when referring to females who perform oral sex on males, because of the motion of the woman's head: back and forth, like a chichenhead. "Chickenheads be cluckin' in my bedroom" -- Notorious B.I.G. (Warning [??]).
3) (n) Crack addict, because many will perform oral sex to get free crack or money. Repeatedly referred to in "Do or die", a book about the conflict between the Crips and the Bloods in South Central.
1) (n) Relax. "Why don't you just chill" -- L.L. Cool J. (Eat em up L chill [1990]).
2) (adj) Mellow.
(n) Jersey City, Double XX Posse.
(n) Money. -- Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with me [2000]).
(n) Chicago.
Chocolate City, Capital City
(n) Washington D.C.
1) (n) Gun. "Now I gotta follow him home with the chrome" -- Ice Cube (Robbin' hood [1994]).
2) (n) Chrome wheel. "Sittin' on da chrome" -- Masta Ace Inc. [1995].
(n) See marijuana. Incredibly potent marijuana, it started out as weed laced with coke. "The Chronic" -- Dr. Dre (The Chronic [1992]).
chronic flakes
(n) Ashes from a marijuana cigarette. "What up Ren? Still droppin' chronic flakes on yo ass, bitch" -- Snoop Doggy Dog (The Chronic [1992]).
(n) Erection.
(n) The word in Spanish directly translates to "pimp". In Spain the word means "cool". It is synonymous with bad ass" or "bad guy". Vatos, chulos, call us what you will" -- Kid Frost (La Raza [1990]).
1) (n) A circle of brothers dropping science, showing and proving. A 5%-er term.
2) (n) A graffitti writer.
1) (v) To say one allies oneself with a gang or set.
2) (v) To claim membership in a gang.
3) (v) To say something that is not necessarily true.
(n) Clarks are an excellent English shoe brand.
(n) Gun or holder of bullets to load a semi-automatic or fully automatic gun with. "My AK-47 holdin' 50 clips" -- Da Lench Mob (Freedom got an AK [1992]).
(n) the West Coast equivalent of "crew".
1) (v) To stay aware of what happens around you. "You're the one that I'm clocking" -- Ol' Dirty Bastard (Raw hide [1994])
2) (v) To earn. "I clock ducats" -- Public Enemy (??? [??]).
3) (v) To always watch, always have or to always be into something. "clockin' a grip" -- Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg (Ain't nothing but a G-thang [1992]).
4) (v) To hit or knock someone out, as in "he clocked him". Probably comes from "he got his clock cleaned".
cluck (head)
(n) Crack user.
1) (n) Penis.
2) (n) Vagina. "She was giving up the cock" -- Ice Cube (Gangsta's Fairytale [1991])
3) (v) To pull the hammer of a gun. "Cock the hammer, it's time for action" -- Cypress Hill (Cock the hammer [1993])
cock block
(v) To prevent someone from getting sexual intercourse. See the Kool G Rap song "Operation CB".
cock diesel
(adj) Very muscular.
(n) A hispanic person trying to be white. Compare with oreo.
1) (adj) Intensely. "Stone cold rhymin'" -- Young MC (Stone cold rhymin').
2) (adj) Mean, not nice.
come correct
(v) To represent the real, to do something the way it should be done. "When I'm on the mic, I come correct" -- Beastie Boys (Sure shot [1994])
(n) Los Angeles borough. This is from where the gangsta style was brought to a greater height.
(n) Vagina.
(adj) Okay as in "good" or "good idea".
coqui 900
1) (n) A type of malt liquor. "Coqui 900" -- Schoolly D. (Coqui 900 [??]).
2) (n) A kind of frog native to Puerto Rico.
county blues
(n) Prison-issue clothes.
1) (n) Compton in the phonebook. Call it CPT for ease of use. "Claimin' they are from the CPT" -- N.W.A. (Compton's in the house [1990])
2) (n) Short for "Colored People Time"; being late.
3) (n) Phonebook abbreviation for Compton.
4) (n) Colored People's Time.
(n) Derogatory name for a member of the Crips, an L.A. gang, used by members of the Bloods, another L.A. gang. On the album "Damu ridas" there is a song called "Fucc Crabz".
(n) Synthetic drug, extremely addictive.
crack a brew
(v) Open a beer. "Crack another 40, smoke some kill" -- Schoolly D. (Smoke some kill)
(n) Originally a term from Reconstruction time (1870) to mean southern men. Now it means white bigot, from whip-cracker or slavedriver. "Got a little problem with the redneck cracker" -- Ice Cube (The Predator).
1) (adj) Besides meaning insane or extremely daring, it is kind of synonymous with mad.
2) (adj) Extremely or very. "Crazy fly bitches" -- Ice-T (???).
(n) Money. From: Cash Rules Everything Around Me, by the Wu-Tang Clan.
1) (v) To sneak up on someone.
2) (v) To be unfaithful in a relationship.
(n) Los Angeles street. Know for it's sunday nights, where people go to floss phat cars, get their mack on, chill, etc.
(n) Group, band.
(n) Home. "Black Ceasar at the crib" -- Public Enemy (Burn Hollywood Burn [1990])
(n) Member of the Crips gang.
(n) Short for Cristal champagne, an expensive kind of champagne produced in France by the winery Champagne Louis Roederer since 1876. A handful of New York rappers, including Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy and Jay-Z have referenced the drink in their songs, skyrocketing the prices paid for the brand. $500 per bottle is not an uncommon price; mentioning the brand announces that you're living the highest of the high life. "We drunk, drinkin' that chrissy!" -- Big Tymerz (#1 Stunner [????])
(n) News, after the newsreader Walter Cronkite. "Grand Puba and Studd Doogie droppin' Cronkite" -- Grand Puba (A little of this).
(n) See Brooklyn.
cross fader
(n) Fading switch to select the left or right turntable. Without it, scratching wouldn't sound too good.
(v) Driving around, preferably showing off your car.
(adj) Hype, phat.
1) (adj) Hype, phat. "Tonight is going to be crunk" -- ??.
2) (adv) To get crunk: to have a good time. "Long as everybody get crunk in the drop" -- Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with me [2000]).
1) (n) A record, the latest hit
2) (n) A recently received haircut.
3) (v) Cutting wax: scratching a record. "Rip the cut!" -- Just Ice (Back to the old school) [198?]
4) (n) Behind, or out of the way. "I glance in the cut and I see my homey Nate" -- Warren G (Regulate [1994]).
cut up
(n) Vagina. "I gots to get me some cut up!" -- Kriss Kross (??? [??]).
1) (n) homeboy or homegirl.
2) (n) Cousin, apparently a Crip term.
[cold] hoopin' it
(v) Playing a game of basketball.

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