(interj) Short for "yes, bring it on". St. Louis term used frequently by rapper Nelly.
E.Z. Wides
(n) Extra wide rolling paper for marijuana cigarettes. "Don't hide the crop cause I got the E.Z. Wides"
East Boogie
(n) A predominately Black city called East St. Louis. Home of Miles Davis.
East Saint
(n) See East Boogie.
(n) Short for El Producto cigars. "I contact eleven El's and macs in heaven" -- Nas (One time 4 your mind [1994]).
(n) A pound of marijuana.
Elijah Muhammad
(n) Elijah Poole, a Georgia-born ex-factory worker who founded the black muslim movement Nation of Islam in Detroit in 1930, also known as Honorable Elijah Muhammad. "Read the book how to eat to live, from Elijah Muhammad, it's a brown paperback" -- Boogie Down Productions (Beef [1990])
Elm City, The L
(n) New haven, Connecticut.
(n) Money, derived from making ends.
(n) Spanish word meaning "that" or "that one", used for homeboy. Incidentally, in the 70's in California, certain application forms had the choices "black", "white", "SA" and "other" for ethnicity, where "SA" stood for "Spanish-American". ])

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