1) (n) The hairdo (see high top fade).
2) (v) Means to not listen to, erase, or get rid of (kill). Has mutated into various other meanings as well as has most other hiphop lingo. It (the phrase) started from actually pulling down the fader on a mixer, which of course, results in not listening to whomever was on at the time. So Ice Cube wants you to listen to him always and not fade him or turn him off... "You can't fade me" -- Ice Cube (You can't fade me).
3) (n) Term from from the dice-game craps, related to losing. The player rolling the dice must have someone to fade them (i.e. to put up money against the money they are gambling). If you are faded, you have lost.
(n) Homosexual man, short for faggot. "...and I thought it was a gag, when I thought it was a girl, it was nothing but a fag" -- Schoolly D. (Saturday night).
fag hag
(n) Woman who only seeks homosexual people for friends. "...who used to be a fag hag" -- Grandmaster Flash (The Message [??]).
fake jacks
(v) To front, to fake moves. "Cuz the brothers that fake jacks get laid on they backs" -- Mobb Deep (??? [??]).
Farmers Boulevard
(n) Street in the New York City borough of Queens. Home of L.L. Cool J. "Farmers Boulevard, that's where the crib's at, that's where me and E. hang out." -- L.L. Cool J. (???)
1) (adj) Refering to the federal government. "The reasons are several, most of the federal" -- Public Enemy (Black steel in the hour of chaos [1988]).
2) (adj) Something of exceptional quality or of an extreme nature. Used throughout E-40 tapes, probably Bay Area in origin.
3) (adj) Going federal: rising up in the game.
Felt Forum
(n) New York boxing arena, many prominent New York City boxers have boxed there.
(v) To be hostile to. 2) (v) To need something badly, most often drugs. But you can also be a fiend for a dope beat.
(n) Figure.
(n) San Francisco district.
finger on the trigger
1) (n) Someone with the ~: someone prepared to shoot if necessary. "I got my hand in my pocket and my finger's on the trigger" -- Beastie Boys (Posse in effect [1986]).
2) (n) In a state of readiness, prepared.
3) (n) In a position of power or authority.
(n) Heroin.
(v) To show off in a manner of actually flashing material items in the faces of other individuals.
Flatlands, The Flats
(n) Fairfield, CA (neighboring E-40's home city of Vallejo) "In the flatlands it ain't never too late" -- E-40 (Seasoned [1999]).
1) (n) Flavour
2) (n) Flavor Flav, Chuck D's right hand man in Public Enemy.
(n) The glasses of PE's Flavor. "Don't worry, Flavavision ain't blurry" -- Public Enemy (Don't believe the hype).
(v) "Flay on the mix", serious old school mixing and scratching.
1) (v) To show one's mettle, flexing one's muscles, showing one's arsenal and readiness to put it to use, letting one's pugilistic prowess be known. To strike someone, or to get up in someones face for intimidation. "I use my nine when suckas start to flex" -- Ice Cube (Man's best friend [1991]).
2) (v) Scratching, from flexing of the wrist. Rakim used to talk about Eric B being on the flex.
3) (v) To have sexual intercourse.
(n) Movie. "Scare mothafuckas like Stephen King flicks" -- N.W.A. (Chin Check [1999])
1) (v) Move in and out of something. "Floss the NSX" -- DJ Quick (Dollars and sense).
2) (v) To show off.
1) (n) Money.
2) (v) To rhyme continuously in the same rhyme scheme without stopping.
(adj) Attractive, beautiful. "Put on the Bally shoes and the fly green socks" -- Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh (Ladidadi).
Forty Deuce
(n) 42nd street, Manhattan, the Times Square area.
forty dog
(n) 40 ounce bottle of Olde English 800 malt liquor. "Forty dog, one love" -- Nas (One love [1994]).
(n) See '64.
1) (v) Dance in a provocative way.
2) (v) Have sex.
3) (n) Person who practices the above things; sexually aggressive female (never missing a beat).
4) (v) To take out the filter paper from a Black & Mild pipe-tobacco cigar. "I'm going to freak this Mild"
free world
(n) Free from incarceration; the world outside of prison. "I really miss my free world" -- Convicts (??? [1991]).
(v) Freestyling is when an MC flows with lyrics right of the top of his or her head. It is inpromptu and spontaneous and only the most creative rhymers can do it well. It is also a kind of competition between MC's because you have to be good to bust a good freestyle. It helps to keep MCs on their toes too, because its is like practice. "We gonna do a little freestyle for y'all, and it go like this" -- Schoolly D. (Cuttin' and scratchin' [??]).
1) (adj) New
2) (adj) Very good.
(n) San Francisco. Home of JT the bigga figga.
(v) Pretend to be that which you are not; act tough. "You can't front on that" -- Beastie Boys (So what'cha want [1992]).
(n) A variety of fried chicken often cooked op in and around the area of Jackson Mississippi. Also known as "Rico".
(n) Hiphop clothing company founded in 1992. FUBU is an acronym for "For Us, By Us", referring to the founders purpose: clothes designed by African-Americans for African-Americans. Many items from the clothing line display the number "05", which stands for the five childhood friends from Queens who founded the company. In an interview with HarlemLive, Carl Brown and Keith Perrin of FUBU state: "There were five of us all out of Queens, we grew up together as friends and remained friends. With $5,000 seed money we were able to start our business." In 1999 FUBU reported an annual turnover of about $350 million. "Under the FUBU is a guru" -- Common (The 6th Sense [2000])
(n) (n,v) This is the most powerful word in the American English language. It can be the very best or the very worst. You might enjoy getting your brains fucked out, but then again you might not.
1) (adj) Malodorous.
2) (n) The essence of being, as in faking the funk.
funky drummer
(n) Famous drumtrack by Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's drummer. Often used in hiphop.
(adj) Contraction of the phrase "for real"; something known to be true. "On the furilla, my nigga, just call me Scarface" -- Geto Boys (Scarface [1989]).

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