(n) Houston, home of The 5th Ward.
1) (adv) Tough. "Cause I'm too hard to lift" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [??]).
2) (adv) Erected. "Ya dicks on hard" -- Dr. Dre (In your own dogs [??]).
(adj) True to what you claim.
(n) See marijuana. "They got hash took the stash left the rest for me" -- 2Pac (To Live & Die In L.A. [1996])
1) (v) To look at something.
2) (v) To stare down someone.
3) (n) The wind, especially when it is blowing hard.
(n) Someone who earned respect.
(adv) A hell of a lot. "I got hella scrilla" -- ??? (??? [??]).
(n) Brand of Cognac. "Take this Hennessey!" NAS -- (The Genesis [1994]).
1) (n) Marijuana, comes from herbs. "Herbalz in my mouth" -- 3rd Bass (Herbalz in my mouth [1991]).
2) (n) Semen (mentioned in an interview once by 3rd Bass).
high top fade
(n) Haircut high on the top, fading down to close cut on the sides "Livin' in fear of my shade or my high top fade" -- Public Enemy (??? [??]).
(n) Greeting where you slap hands together in the air, as opposed to low-five, where you slap hands at waist height.
(v) To ignore or disrespect someone by not acknowledging their presence. "Bitches get mad cause we highside" -- Big Mike (Smoke 'em and & choke 'em [??]).
(n) In Jamaican ska era, 60's, a DJ would spin and cut the wax and a MC would sing or shout or dub poetry over it. That's the roots of hiphop which were brought to New York City by Kool DJ Herc, but hip-hop or rap was created in New York City.
1) (n) Hooker, prostitute, from the Southern pronounciation of the word whore. "She ain't nothing but another ho, according to the system" -- KRS-One (Exhibit D. [1990]).
2) (v) To sell out.
ho cake
(n) Vagina.
hold the fort down
(v) To represent where you are from. "If so hold the fort down and represent to the fullest" -- Nas (One Love [1994]).
1) (n) Vagina.
2) (n) Gun chamber. "16 in the clip and one in the hole" -- Nate Dogg (Regulate [??]).
(v) To shout.
(n) See ho.
(n) Close friend.
(n) Female equivalent of homeboy. "Homegirls, see a guy you like? Just grab him in the biscuits... and doowutchalike" -- Digital Underground (Doowutchalike [??]).
(n) A close relative or friend. "My homeskillet gets me the goods whenever I want" -- ?? (?? [??]).
(n) See homeboy. "But I wish he could have said it to my dead homey" -- Ice Cube (Dead Homiez [1990]).
(n) Female, generally attractive.
Honey Dip
(n) pretty young ladies with golden brown complexions.
(n) The neighbourhood, usually a poor community.
(n) T-shirt or sweatshirt with hood attached to it.
(n) A criminal; drugdealer, car thief, stick up kid. "Hoodlums and hustlers and bangers with Jheri-curls" -- Ice T. (Lifestyles of the rich and infamous [1991])
(n) female, generally sexually promiscuous, and not upwardly mobile "Homies in the hood labeled her as a hoodrat" -- Domino (Ghetto jam [1993])
(n) A hook, used in load of songs, is an aspect of popular or commercial music that "grabs" people and makes it easy to like like or remember the song. For example, the riff from "Son of a Preacher Man" used in Cypress Hill's "Hits from the Bong" [1993] is an example of a hook. "Check out the hook while I drop crazy rhymes" -- ??? (???).
(n) Old car in bad shape.
hooptie ride
(n) To do a driveby murder.
(n) Blunt. "It's a hoota of the Buddah blessed"
hop on the side
(v) To get on the passenger side of a car.
(n) Vertical jump, usually related to basketball. "He's got mad hops" -- ??? (??? [??]).
(n) A very attractive female. "This hottie got a body and I wanna get naughty" -- Sir Mixalot (Sprung on the Cat [1992]).
(n) Person who blindly follows simple-minded people, the term was used by Malcolm X. In slavery days, you had house slaves and field slaves. The house slaves were "well behaved" and were "rewarded" by being allowed to work in the "big house" close to the master. The field slaves were "rough" and only suited for field work. Thus the people were divided and pitted against themselves, instead of the common enemy.
(n) Hunter's Point, a San Francisco district.
Huey P. Newton
(n) Founder of the Black Panther movement along with H. R. Brown and Bobby Seale. Mentioned in a few PE songs.
(v) Coming at someone.
(n) Hydroponic marijuana, which is due to an agricultural technique of cultivation in the production of cannabis, a more potent product. "Hydro, me just can't let me, high go " - Bone Thugs 'n Harmony (Buddah lovas [1995]).
1) (n) Statements made about something before that thing comes out, especially wild statements guessing about the things nature (whether positive or negative). For example, record companies will often put many advertisements out before a record comes out. Before Public Enemy's album came out there was much negative hype in the media. "Yo Harry! You're a writer; are we that type? Don't believe the hype..." -- Public Enemy (Don't believe the hype).
2) (adj) Cool. "Too damn hype" -- Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (??? [1988]).

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