(n) North Carolina "New York, North Kakalaka and Compton." -- A Tribe Called Quest (Scenario [??]).
(n) A brand of hat. LL Cool J used to wear this along with other east coast rappers. It has a kangaroo on the side, but brothers wore them with the 'roo in front. "Went back in, I forgot my Kangol" -- Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh (Ladidadi).
(n) Short for "Karl Kani," which is a clothes label popular in the hood.
(n) Radio station that broadcasted from Crenshaw in South Central LA, and was devoted to local underground Hip Hop. The musical director of KDAY was Greg Mack, and he single handedly turned NWA from an unknown group to superstars. It signed Dr. Dre and DJ Yella in 1983 to broadcast their own Mix Show, as the Wreckin' Crew. "It (KDAY) was percieved as a Rap station cause we played rap no one else would" (Greg Mack, as interviewed by Brian Cross in the book "It's not about a salarie"). KDAY was sold in 1990, and was turned into a business network. The defunct radio station symbolizes to a lot of rappers coming out of LA area the shutting down of black voice in America. "This is K-Eazy E, wassup y'all this is Greg Mack, Mack Attack" -- Eazy-E (Radio [1988]).
(n) Kilo, often used in conjuction with cocaine. "Dope, like a pound or a key" -- N.W.A. (Tell 'em what your name is [1988]).
(n) Hip-hop clothing, brown/tan colored pants. "Wearin ghackis, mob while ya ryhme, little fag tried to sag" -- Eazy-E (Real Motherphuckkin' G's [1993]).
(n) See sneakers.
1) (n) See marijuana. "Crack another 40, smoke some kill" -- Schoolly D. (Smoke some kill).
2) (n) To be dope on the microphone.
(n) A pest. "Leave Flavor Flav alone, knocka" -- Public Enemy (Cold lampin' with Flavor [1988]).
knocking boots
(v) To have sexual intercourse. The knock refers to the man's hips hitting the woman's ass, which produces a slapping sound. The motion litterally knocks her boots (buttocks). "Bring your friend, I likes you two's I'll knock the boots, the sneakers and the house shoes." -- Digital Underground (Flowing on the D-line [??]).
knuckle up
(v) Prepare to fight, by closing and raising ones fists.
[kitty] cat
(n) Vagina.

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