(n) Short for Cadillac. "Macks drive 'lacs" -- Big Mello [1993].
1) (n) The late train. "I'm on the L train going insane" -- The Roots (Silent treatment).
2) (n) Elevated trains in Chicago or NYC.
(n) Los Angeles. In particular the phrase "LA 1992" indicates the riots that broke out after the Rodney King trial.
(n) Salt Lake City, Utah.
1) (v) To hang out next to a streetlamp. "I'm on the street, cold lampin'" -- Public Enemy (Cold lampin' with Flavor).
2) (v) To relax while others panic.
Land of Dope
(n) Oakland.
Land of the Heartless
(n) Cleveland, Ohio.
lay pipe
(v) Having sexual intercourse. "Cause a nigga like me'll lay plenty of pipe" -- Ice Cube (I'm only out for one thang).
(n) Phonebook abbreviation for Long Beach city, California. Home of 21 & Lewis. "With so much drama in the LBC" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (Gin and Juice).
leather Tuscadero
(n) Female equivalent of The Fonz that appeared on Happy Days. "Now he's zipped up like leather Tuscadero" -- Ice Cube (We had to tear this motherfucker up [1992]).
leg pull
(n) From: to pull someones leg, to make a joke. No leg pulls means no jokes; speak the truth. "No leg pulls kid".
(n) Japanese luxury car. "Drivin' a Lexus with a death wish" -- Nas (Watch them niggas [1996]).
1) (v) Hanging around with friends of family.
2) (n) A casual gathering of friends and family. "This lime has no juice", this gathering is dull.
(n) A line of cocaine. From the spanish "una lina" which translates to one line.
(adv) Great. "Is it live?" -- L.L. Cool J (Is it live? [??]).
(n) Cocaine, crack; it is a Spanish word, and the double l's are pronounced as "y"'s. Used in the movie "Scarface" [1983]. The bitch came back with a bag of llello" -- Ice Cube (Once upon a time in the projects [1991]).
1) (n) Term used for local person.
2) (n) Crazy one, from the Spanish "loco", often used for friends or locals in a positive way. "Don't you know I'm loco?" -- Cypress (Insane in the brain [1993]) Hill (Insane in the brain [1993])
3) (n) Lock or locks, as in Jheri-curls, but always pronounced with the long o as in "go".
4) (v) To "go loc" means to get ready for a drive-by or to shoot someone. This means putting on dark glasses, skullies, caps and generally getting hard to identify.
5) (n) To get high. "We was in the park gettin' loc-ed" -- ???
(n) Short for dredlocks.
Long Beach
(n) City south of Compton. "Rollin' from the East Side south of Compton, see a big ass, and I say 'word', took a look at the face, and the bitch was to the curb!" -- N.W.A. (8 ball (remix) [1988])
(n) Louis Vuitton gear.
low low
(n) Lowrider car with adjusted suspension. "Hitting them corners in them low low', girl" - Dr. Dre (Still Dre [????])
(v) Adjusting the suspension of a car to get it closer to the ground. Since it is illegal to drive that way, people have hydraulic systems to adjust the height of the car while driving, making it bounce.
1) (n) Long Play, a nine or ten song regular tape.
2) (n) A vinyl record.
(v) To act stupid or crazy.

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