nappy dugout
(n) Vagina. The dugout is the dug-in bench at the side of a baseball field where players wait until they are up to play. Nappy comes from hair napping up, sort of the way it it on the way to dreading. The nappy dugout would be the dugout (small enclave a few steps off the main field) that has nappy hair (pubic hair). "Giving up the nappy dugout" -- Ice Cube (Giving up the nappy dugout [??]).
nappy head
(n) A head with dreading hair. "Keep your heads nappy" -- Fugees (Nappy Heads [1994]).
1) (adj) Nothing; nobody. "I ain't heard shit, I ain't heard nathan" -- The Coup (Genocide & Juice [??]).
2) (n) "Nathan's" is a brand of hot dog.
3) (n) Natural born pimp.
Neighbourhood Family
(n) South Central Blood set associated with Cypress Hill.
(n) Brick City. Home of RedMan, LOTUG, Artifacts, Channel Live, T-neck.
(adj) New. When referring to an idividual, implies that he hasn't proven himself. "He was a newjack hustler" -- Ice-T (Newjack hustler [??]).
(n) Five, as in 1995. "Everybody get in where ya fit in for tha nine five, tha nine nickel" -- Method Man with Capleton (Wings of the morning [??]).
(n) Curseword used originally by white people, taken over by black people as a name to show their proudness, and take off the edge; positive: "my nigga": my friend. I don't want to be called yo nigga" -- Public Enemy (Yo nigga [??]).
1) (n) [neenyah] Spanish for girl of 5 years or less. Chica is a teenage girl.
2) (n) [neenah] 9mm. Mixture of correct Spanish pronounciation of the i and NYC or Southern dialect ponounciation of the final -er as -ah of the word "niner". Cuz if I got my nina then you know I'm straight trippin'" -- Dr. Dre (The Chronic [1992]).
(n) Spanish term for godfather, as in Nino Brown.From the movie "The Godfather". Also Nino Brown in New Jack City.
no diggety
(interj) No doubt, no question.
(n) Nation Of Islam. "Elijah is alive, Louis Farrakhan, NOI" -- Ice Cube (Enemy [1993]).
Now Rule
(n) New Rochelle NY, a suburb of NYC, borders Mount Vernon. Origin of Grand Puba and Brand Nubian.
1) (n) A stupid person. Possible a combination of Numb Skull/Fucker, or maybe derived from knuckle head.
2) (n) Ones best friend. "You call your nigger 'nucker'" -- Digital Underground (if it wasn't for the rapping [??]).
(n) Good sex. "Gimme that nutt" -- Eazy-E (It's on Dr. Dre 187 um killa [1993]).
(n) Nothing. "Nine times outta ten, she's givin' up nuttin'" -- N.W.A. (I ain't tha one [1988])
(n) Cold medicine that basically puts you to sleep, so you won't stay up all night coughing. "Knock ya out like Nyquil" -- Ice Cube(?)

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