(n) An ounce of marijuana.
(n) An Irish name, pointing to the traditionally strong represented Irish in the LAPD. "Gonna put a slug in captain O'Malley" -- Cypress Hill (We ain't goin' out like that [1993]).
(n) The O stands for Oakland, the 1-2 for a left-right combination punch. "Up in Oakland you might get the O-1-2" -- Father Dom (??? [??]).
(n) Orlando.
(n) Short for Old English, a kind of malt liquor. "Coolin' on the corner with a bottle of O.E." -- Beastie Boys (Time to get ill [1986]).
1) (n) Original gangster, which you become when you 'advertise' a gang. People should talk about you and link your name with the things you done in the past. This includes killings, driveby shootings, spending time in jail, and living up to your name. "O.G. Original Gangster" -- Ice T. (Original Gangster [1991]).
2) (adj) True; original.
3) (n) Someone who is true to the game, who never sold out.
1) (n) Reference to a big car: erstwhile football star and all-around adman O.J. Simpson does Hertz commercials featuring Ford and Lincoln Mercury cars. Used on Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight.
2) (n) To pull an O.J. on someone: to set someone up, to plant evidence.
1) (n) Other people's pussy.
2) (n) Other people's penis.
3) (n) Other people's property.
Oaktown, the big O, the O
(n) Oakland, California. The Westside O and the Eastside O stand for West and East Oakland. Home of Too $hort and Luniz.
on swo
(adv) Increasing in size, often used in prisons to describe a weight lifter. "My bank roll's on swo" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (??? [??]).
one love
(n) (interj.) Farewell bidding, like "peace".
(n) Police officer. Refered to as one-time as you have one time or one chance to get out of the situation alive. "One-time because it's my life on the line" -- Ice Cube (??? [??]).
(n) An uzi semi-automatic gun.
(n) Black person who wants to be white, or people of mixed race. An oreo is a type of cookie black on the outside with white cream filling inside. "A message to the oreo cookie" -- Ice Cube (Turn off the radio [1990]).
(n) Amsterdam (the Netherlands) hood where the foundations of the Dutch underground, hardcore hiphop scene were laid. Rap artists such as Jason, West Klan and first and foremost The Osdorp Posse are from that part of Amsterdam.
other level
(n) A higher degree of consciousness satisfaction; beyond the average. "Grip it on that other level" -- Geto Boys (On that other level [1992]).
ox piece
(n) Home-made type of gun that people make in the prisons. "I heared you blew a nigga with an ox for the phone piece" -- Nas (One love)

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