Q Vo
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1) (n) Short for Queensbridge.
2) (n) Short for Queen Bitch, or Queen Bee as Lil' Kim refers to herself. Queen Bee was a character from the blaxploitation movie "Dolemite".
Quad City
(n) Orlando. Home of Quad City DJ's, 95 South, 69 Boyz and DJ Magic Mike.
1) (n) Quarter ounce (= oz.) of weed.
2) (n) 40 oz. of beer.
(n) New York City borough. RUN-DMC are often referred to as the Kings from Queens.
(n) The name of a six building (six stories each) housing project in Long Island City (NY), a section of Queens. 40 side and 41st side refer to the 40th street side of the buildings 41st street side of the buildings. Home of Nas and Mobb Deep.

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