(n) Rough, tough and dangerous: a bus that travels in the ghetto is called because people are getting robbed or mugged on a regular basis. The former name for the Los Angeles County Mass Transit (Bus) was Rapid Transit District.
(n) Short for rabbi. "Told a rab get off the rag" -- Public Enemy (Welcome to the Terrordome[1991])
(v) To betray. "Why did Judas rat to Romans while Jesus slept?" -- Genius (4th chamber)
rat pack
(n) A bum rush. "Like some pussy, or in fact, a bum rush, but we call it rat pack, on a nigga for nothing at all" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta, gangsta [1988]).
(adj) Showing the pure essence of pure hip hop.
real McCoy
1) (n) The orignal, not a fake. One real McCoy was a late 19th century boxer who fought under the name Kid McCoy and was so good that other fighters adopted the name, whereupon he had to bill himself as "the real McCoy". Or, it was Scotch whisky, made by A. & M. MacKay of Glasgow. In the UK the saying is "the real MacKay". Another idea is that the expression came from heroin originating from Macao (Dictionary of Cliches, pg.215). Yet another explanation is the American scientist Eligah McCoy, who had several inventions well known throughout the African American community in America. If you owned anything during those days, you wanted it to be "the real McCoy".
2) (n) A 1967 Jazz CD by McCoy Tyner, a pianist.
really doe
(interj) Wrong spelling of "Really though", used to emphasize a point. Ice Cube (Really doe).
red rum
(n) Murder spelled backwards.
(n) See marijuana. (1920s-1960s) Marijuana wrapped in cigarette paper, may be a variant of Mexican "grefa" (Juba to Jive, pg. 380).
reel to reel
1) (n) Really real.
2) (n) Reality.
3) (n) The big tape used for studio recording and the machine that runs it.
Remy Martin
(n) A brand of cognac. "I've got to get the chronic, some Remy Martin, and my soda pop" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]).
(v) New big hip-hop word. Means just what you think it means. "Represent!" -- NAS (Represent [1994])
(n) Derogatory term for a member of the Crips, an L.A. gang.
(n) A vehicle. "So we rode in his ride" -- Ice-T (Bitches 2 [??]).
(v) See step to.
(v) Old street slang - to steal, stolen, to take agressively.
road dog
(n) A good friend, someone who you always hang out with. "Yo dick on hard, for fuckin' your road doggs" -- Dr. Dre (The Chronic [1992]).
1) (n) Crack.
2) (v) To have sexual intercourse.
3) (n) Biblical. Alcatraz, Jamaica...
4) (v) To wear, "I was rocking my brand new Nikes".
5) (n) Diamond. "And them rings you wearin' look like they got a few rocks on 'em" -- Eminem (Rock Bottom [1998])
rock star
(n) Crack addict
1) (n) A joint (see marijuana).
2) (v) To blast off into a high when smoking a joint.
Rodney King
1) (n) Rodney King was beaten up by police when he was placed under arrest. The whole incident was videotaped, leading to the infamous "Rodney King trials", where the police officers were under trial for assault and battering. The outcome of the trial was not satisfactory to many people in LA, leading to the LA riots of 1992.
2) (n) To pull a Rodney King: To initiate police brutality. "He'll probably pull me over and I laugh, pull a Rodney King and I'll blast at his punk ass" -- Tupac (Souljah's Revenge [1993]).
1) (v) To hang with a given person or crowd. "I'm rollin' with the new jack crew" -- Ice-T (Newjack hustler [1991]).
2) (v) To roll on someone means to beat someone up.
3) (v) To roll a joint.
4) (v) To drive one's car in the neighborhood with a certain style or finesse.
roll up
(v) To arrive on a scene.
(n) Rolling papers.
Rolling 60's
(n) Notorious South Central Crip set.
(n) An expensive Rolex watch. "She got the matching Roly-O" -- Hot Boys (I Need A Hot Girl [????])
ruff neck
(n) A round the way guy that keeps it real and knows the streets. "Gotta what yo gotta get a ruff neck" -- MC Lyte (Ruff neck [??]).
1) (v) Bogard, physically assault.
2) (v) After taking drugs , one often gets a rush
1) (adj) Tough, hard, stopping at nothing. "Drop him in his tracks so hip that I am ruthless" - Eazy-E (It's on Dr. Dre 187 um killa [1993])
2) (n) Ruthless Records is Eazy-E's record company.

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