uncle L.
(n) L.L. Cool J. "Like uncle L. said, I'm rippin' up shows" -- Public Enemy (Shut 'em down).
uncle tom
1) (n) A black man who wants to be white. From the book Uncle Tom's Cabin.
2) (n) A tattle-taler; a person who befriends another only to deceive him, usually in the workplace.
Union Square
1) (n) A park in New York City on Broadway between 14th and 16th(?). Origin of Kid n Play.
2) (n) A hip-hop club from the late 1980's in the above area. The name of this routine is called live at Union Square. - KRS One
up north trip
(n) Being sent to jail. "Up north trip" -- Mobb Deep (?? [??]).
(n) Uptown New Orleans
(n) The word uptown originated in the New York city train stations. As you leave downtown Manhattan the trains direct you to Uptown. Uptown includes Harlem, East Harlem, Washinton Heights, Inwood and (sometimes) the South Bronx.
(n) United States Ghettos (Onyx).
(n) Israeli semi-automatic gun. "Hold it, rock! Miuzi weighs a ton" -- Public Enemy (Miuzi weighs a ton).

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