1) (adj) Negative: crazy or weird. Mostly this is meant
2) (v) To kill someone. "So don't step to me 'cause you boys'll get wacked" -- Ice-T (Power).
watching Andy Griffith
(v) refers to masturbating. Martin Lawrence (You so crazy).
1) (n) Record album(s). "And we put it on wax, it's the new style" -- Beastie Boys (The New Style [1986]).
2) (v) Synonym to tax as in "wax his ass" from the black popular "mop up the floor with your ass".
3) (adj) Describing refinement as in 'waxed, buffed and simonized' from the Mister Magic radio show.
4) (v) To have sexual intercourse. "Wax that ass" -- Ice Cube (Get off my dick [??]).
5) (v) To make a car appear very shiny.
(n) One of the original hip-hop stations in New York City. "BLS, 97, KISS, bounce to this" -- Craig Mack (??? [??]).
1) (v) Kill someone. As in wet from blood when someone is sprayed. "Now I gotta wetcha" -- Ice Cube (I'm gonna wetcha)
2) (v) Excite a female.
WHBI-FM (105.9)
(n) The first radio station in New York that had a hip-hop show (Mr. Magic, the Awesome Two, Afrika Izlam). The station later changed its call letters to WNWK-FM.
wheels of steel
(n) Turntables. "My DJ Code Money on the wheels of steel" -- Schoolly D. (Gucci time).
(n) A nice looking car. "Some bought me ice, so pay for whips" -- Beanie Sigel (Playa [????])
(n) Movie theatre in the Bronx - Diamond D.
who ride
1) (v) To get buckwild. "The darkside where the real G's who ride" -- Macadoshish from Thug Life (Don't get twisted [1994])
2) (n) The who ride is the act of getting wild and crazy, like a riot or an assassination, or any wild activity.
(n) Used to address someone as a friend, as in "What's up whodie", in the same way as words like "homey", "money", "playa" or "dogg".
(n) A derogatory term for white people usually used by white people.
wild thing
(n) Sexual intercourse. "Hey you two, I was once like you and I loved to do the wild thing" -- Tone Loc (Wild thing).
(adj) To act without without rational thought. Wilding was a term not used until the Central park jogger attack in 1989. The victim in this case was raped, and, upon being questioned, kids in the neighborhood of the attackers had said that they had done the "Wild Thing" (after the Tone Loc release). Misinterpreted by reporters not accustomed to the slurred speech of the attackers, the term wilding was born out of the NYC media's lust for a catch phrase. (Info from: "Black Studies, Rap and the Academy" by Houston Baker Jr.) "Across the street you was wilding" -- Nas (?? [1996])
1) (n) Penis.
2) (n) Someone with money or status in the neighbourhood, a player or bawler.
(n) Erected penis. "Delivering the wood" stands for having sexual intercourse.
1) (n) Biblical (John1:1). "logos": truth.
2) (interj) Exclamation or term of endearment.
word is bond
(interj) Saying this means that what you are saying is absolutely correct, and you do not have to put up money to prove it, you just say it. The term originates from the financial markets where hirstorically traders woul tell each other "my word is bond", i.e. my word is good enough, you don't need it in writing. "Cause I'm frontin' in my ride, and my word is bond" -- LL Cool J (The boomin' system [1990]).
word up
(n) (interj.) A question like "What's up?", or "What's the word?".
1) (v) To accomplish something.
2) (v) To destroy or break up. "All they wanted to do is wreck and flex" Public Enemy (Burn Hollywood, burn [1990]).
3) (v) To show great freestyling skills.

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